Our Mission: Real Life Transformation

At Risen Life Church our goal is to experience genuine transformation in all areas of life. We call this Real Life Transformation. We believe we were all made for the glory of God. We further believe we reflect that glory as we are restored to a right relationship with God through the finished work of Christ on the cross, which is the beginning of the journey toward becoming more like Jesus.

Our Strategy: Connect, Grow, Serve, Reach

Connect – We believe it is critical for believers to connect with one another in authentic, caring relationships for encouragement and strengthening as we journey together toward becoming more like Jesus.

Grow – We believe sound biblical teaching, in the context of authentic relationships, is the primary means by which we grow to become more like Jesus. For that reason, a strong emphasis is placed on the teaching of the Bible as God’s Word concerning the needs of humanity.

Serve – We believe all Christians should serve one another, and the community in which they live, in love. We therefore endeavor to provide Christians with a place to practically express their spiritual gifts in serving one another and the community around us.

Reach – We believe God places His people throughout society for the purpose of making the gospel available to the entire community and He calls each one of us to take an active role in loving and reaching the lost. It is our goal to equip and encourage God’s people to reach out to the lost around them in the settings in which they find themselves.

Our Government

We are an elder led and protected church. The final authority for the church, under God, rests with the Elders. The day to day operation of the church is led by church staff in conjunction with multitudes of lay people and volunteers who faithfully serve throughout the week.

Our Core Values

Teaching God’s word: This is our first confession: the Bible is God’s word. The Bible is our primary text and final authority for our faith and practice. We believe it is through the Bible’s message we come to know God and grow in him. We desire to faithfully teach the Bible in all settings and groups in the church.

Team Ministry: We are committed to team ministry throughout all ministries in the church. We believe team ministry is God’s best plan for experiencing the widest expression of the gifts He has entrusted to His Body. For that reason we strive for a team mentality throughout all ministries at Risen Life.

Caring Relationships: We desire that Risen Life Church be known as a caring community. We deliberately seek to love and serve one another in tangible acts as we gather on Sunday and throughout the week. Our goal is for every person who enters our building to experience genuine concern.

Openness and Honesty: For there to be Real Life Transformation in the lives of God’s people it is our responsibility to provide a place of safety and understanding in dealing with the broken-ness all of us experience. Our goal is to make Risen Life Church a place where people can be honest about their struggles and genuine in giving and receiving Biblical challenge, help and encouragement.