Everyone (who was awake) greeted us warmly at Krista Kralja. Scott gave a welcome from Risen Life to the congregation, and was invited to preach a message from Isaiah 40. Share the gospel, leave idols, and hope in God alone. At the end of service, the church prayed for newly baptized Danijel and gave him an English study bible because he had a photographic memory and wanted to compare the translations. Then we shared gifts with the church. A new video mixer for live streaming and Krista Kralja stickers.

The sky threatened rain all week but we ate lunch al fresco anyway. Konoba Ive caught their own seafood daily and cooked them the way their neighbors liked. Then we went home to pack and spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Ivan and Ines.

Please pray that God will grow Krista Kralja in number and in spirit. That they will continue to invite people to church and share the service recording with friends and family. For Ivan and Ines because they’re tapped for practically every church event. And for Ines’s family because her grandpa just past away, and grandma can’t take care of the farm by herself.


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