Picked up Pastor Milan and Mile up from church and headed to Lopača Psychiatric Hospital up in the forested hills. Mile invited friends nearby as well as inside for coffee and snacks. We weren’t exactly welcomed inside the Catholic facility but they couldn’t stop us from visiting outside. Scott gave a short impromptu sermon on God’s perfect love and salvation, and Pastor Milan prayed for the patients.

Afterwards, we visited an elderly church member, Sergio and his sister Ranka. They showed us the garden, and chatted about the time Sergio cooked for the church and rode up the Mississippi River as a marine. Returning to Rijeka, we dropped Mile off near his apartment to rehearse for a singing competition. The three of us drove to Milan’s favorite lunch place, but it was unexpectedly closed, so we went to the new Asian place across the street instead. One of the staff had traveled extensively in America.

Scott and Ja returned to the apartment and took a brief nap, before heading to the nearby mall to cool off because the AC broke. We found supplies to make rice crispy treats for tomorrow’s independence day BBQ picnic with the church. Please pray for connection with these brothers and sisters Rijeka, for the doctors at the psychiatric facility to correctly diagnose/treat the patients, their families to show compassion and to visit, and the patients to seek God and salvation from Jesus.


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