Today was a tour of northern towns near Rijeka. Lipa was a countryside village that was burned down along with its 200 inhabitants by Germans for sabotage during WWII. The small museum showed German trophy pictures and footage of the aftermath. Remnants of houses remained standing as a memorial.

Next was the Postojna Cave, with large limestone caverns full of stalagmites and stalactites. A train guided passengers through 1.5 km underground before dropping us off at the featured galleries like the Spaghetti Room and the Big Hall, where many concerts took place. “Baby dragons” Proteus anguinus roamed free inside. You could also see a live nativity during Christmas.

Our third stop was Predjama Berg, the biggest castle built into a cave in the world. It was constructed on a cliff face, providing safety at the cost of coldness and damp. The most illustrious owner of this 12-16th century castle, Erazem, was the Robinhood of his day. While under siege, his servant betrayed a signal when he visited the thin-walled latrine. The enemy lobbed rocks via catapult, and Erazem was buried in the wreckage.

Our final stop was dinner at Sister Danica’s home. She drove about 45 minutes each Sunday to go to church across the border in Rijeka. We were welcomed with hugs and kisses, as well as a giant charcuterie board, home made apple/peach juice, and chicken with rice that kept replenishing. Her daughter, Aranca, and grandson, Alex, came to be blessed. Danica has a love for sharing the gospel with unbelievers in her small village, and brought someone to church with her every week. She misses her husband, Mariko, who started reading the Bible together after his first heart attack. He died awaiting a heart transplant in 2017.

Please pray for Danica as she helps spread the gospel to her small village. They do not have an evangelical church near them. Pray that her family will want to attend church. And lift Mile up for the singing competition tomorrow.


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