Ivan picked us up this morning to go cheer Mile on at the contest. Dom Turnić Psychiatric Hospital helped patients readjust back into society and hosted many events including this competition. There were 34 excited contestants of varying talents. If someone was struggling, the accompanist would gently guide them to the right spot. But pretty soon the nurses, staff and audience were enthusiastically singing along to every song and applauded wildly for everyone. Mile performed a traditional Croatian love song and won!

Later we visited another of the 20 Francopan castles in the town of Grobnik, home to a church member. This one was famed for hosting monks who translated the bible into Croatian in the 1500s.

In the afternoon, we picked up Ivan’s wife, Ines, and drove to Rovijn, another picturesque seaside island town. Church of Saint Euphemia at the top had modern stained glass windows and a sarcophagus of a young Christian martyr that floated mysteriously to the island. Lots of colorful buildings, street artists and smaller surrounding islands to admire. The view was again spectacular. 

Please pray for more churches to be planted so members can attend in their own town. And for Mile, who now moves on to the regional/national competition.


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