Jeremiah Johnston – July 17, 2022

I AM the Light of the World

2022 I AM

Join us as Jeremiah Johnson teach us about Jesus declaring himself to be the “Light of the World” in part 2 of our series of the “I AMs”

Scripture References: John 8:12

From Series: “2022 I AM

Jesus came to earth, sent by the Father, to put God’s glory on display. He came as God in human flesh, the great “I Am” for all to see. He died on Roman cross and triumphantly rose from dead, thus declaring himself to be “the resurrection and the life”. In this series, we will study the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus. It will be our aim to know Jesus for who he is, trust him for our salvation, and find him to be the fulfillment of all our hearts truly long for.

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