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  • April 28, 2024
    2024 - Exodus - Becoming the People of God

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    The book of Exodus picks where the book of Genesis ends. Genesis was all about origins–the origins of the world, humanity, sin, and God’s first covenant with humanity through Abraham. Exodus is a story about the descendants of Abraham becoming the people of God. God is faithful to grow them into a nation, save them out of Egypt, give them his law as part of a special covenant with them, and teach them to trust him and walk in his ways through various trials and experiences as they journey to the promise land. Moses records the journey of the Israelites to teach us about what it looks like for us to become the people of God in Christ. We invite you to take part in this journey with us as we learn more what it means to become the people of God in Christ.

Jared Jenkins - April 14, 2024

2 John - The Shape of the Church: Truth and Love

Join us as Pastor Jared continues our series in the epistles of John as we look at the book of 2 John.

Scripture References: 2 John 1:1-13

From Series: "2024 - I, II, III John - Living in Light + Love"

1-3 John are exciting letters that major on the basics of Christianity. John has written these letters to believers in Asia Minor so that they could be assured of their salvation. John reminds us how God illuminated our world with the truth of the Gospel. Christ in love left heaven to come and save us. If we commit ourselves to Christ, our fellowship with the Father and the Son is sure. We experience the forgiveness of our sins and God’s love toward us. In response our hearts should desire to walk in his ways and to extend love to those around us. Above all, we have a secured hope of eternal life. Come and join us as we consider the basics of Christianity and live in the light and love of the Gospel.

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