Day 10 Feb 18, 2024

Day 10 Feb 18, 2024 We spent our last full day in Croatia worshipping with Crkva Emanuel Varaždin. Tono says the language of heaven is Spanish, but I think it might be Croatian. The believers here were spirit-filled praising the many names of God. Our churches were separated by eight time zones, but the services […]

Day 9 Feb 17, 2024

Day 9 Feb 17, 2024 Today was spent with the Krizmanic family seeing the countryside. After meeting them at their apartment, we drove to Trakošćan Castle near the Slovenian border about 50 minutes from Varaždin. The earliest parts of the castle were constructed in the 13th century and passed between several families. From the mid 16th […]

Day 8 Feb 16, 2024

Day 8 Feb 16, 2024 Last night we closed the shutters and at last did not wake up with the sun. Filled with leftover pizzas for breakfast, we explored our new town, starting with the castle. It looked formidable surrounded by 20+ foot high earthen mound and now emptied moat. The museum inside displayed weapons, […]

Day 7 Feb 15, 2024

Day 7 Feb 15, 2024 Checkout time for Rijeka. We had a wonderful time visiting many friends there and sharing stories of how God loved them. Now onto another church in Varaždin.  But first a small chat with the pastor of the Baptist Church in Karlovac on TV. He had a show that aired Monday […]

Day 6 Feb 14, 2024

Day 6 Feb 14, 2024 Another interesting day. Radio Rijeka interviewed us at Krista Kralja as visiting church guests. Tatiana asked about our background, our beliefs, and our third trip there for love of the people and oneness in Christ.  We also touched on science, how the Theory of Evolution and genetics could not account […]

Day 5 Feb 13, 2024

Day 5 Feb 13, 2024 Our free day started even brighter. The rain clouds were gone! Our goal was to visit Plitvice Lakes, a Croatian National Park. On the way was a stop at Nikola Tesla Experience in Karlovac. This was a nice little museum that highlighted his education and personal history. Croatia is proud […]

Day 4 Feb 12, 2024

Day 4 Feb 12, 2024 The weather changed our plan a bit, but the bright cloudy sky still woke Scott up at 7:30. Ivan met us at Trsat Castle, which had an amazing view over the center of town. After climbing the tower and looking above the city, we headed to Otok Krk (Krk Island), […]

Day 3 Feb 11, 2024

Day 3 Feb 11, 2024 Today we joined Krista Kralja in Sunday worship where Scott was invited to preach again. This time he chose John 12 and talked about why he believed in Jesus while others refused. Pastor Milan simultaneously translated. Ja also talked briefly about serving in church and the community since volunteering is […]

Day 2 Feb 10, 2024

Day 2 Feb 10, 2024 Eight hour time change made sleeping difficult. So we got up early to sort salt water taffy and scripture bookmarks into bags for gifts. Today’s schedule was lunch with a church family and evening with the youth groups for games and science talk. Kristian, Jasna and Emanuel picked us up […]

Day 1 Feb 9, 2024

We’ve arrived safe and sound in Rijeka. Needed to ride 2 shuttles to get from the plane to change terminals and find a lost phone in Paris, otherwise both legs of the flight went smoothly. The 2 hour drive from Zagreb was drizzly and foggy but fine. After a slight off-road detour from neighborhood road […]


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